I’m a pretty simple person, really. I enjoy a sunny day and a cocktail. I love playing pranks on my children (a good old fashioned ‘scare around the corner’ is my jam). You can usually find me reading a good motivational book and listening to my vinyl collection. According to my husband, I wear my heart on my sleeve (I would completely agree). Most times you’ll catch me sobbing during a ‘first dance’ at a wedding. 

I love love. 

I have learned over the years that the saying “don’t worry, there’s always tomorrow” is completely false. Your tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. You’re only guaranteed this exact moment. This tiny little moment is it. These tiny little moments make up our lives, and in these little moments lay the most amazing photographs. 

I donate 20% of my session to charity. I donate 10% to the ALS Association, and the other 10% goes to the charity of your choice.  

It's kind of like the best scenario ever. You get some beautiful photos, and two charities get some cash. Pretty sweet if you ask me.