Why it matters

Its PSL time. So clearly that means we're headed in to fall. And for photographers, fall is to us, what tax season is to accountants.  Its crazy, busy, hectic, and an absolute blast. Everyone is searching high and low for that perfect photographer to capture the golden leaves and their  perfectly styled family wardrobe they purchased from J. Crew. Its fall. These images will strategically make their way on to a holiday card this year, and they will end up in your mailbox. "Happy Holidays! Love, The Jones Family"

But this year, I have a challenge for all of you. I want you to pause and take a moment to think about why you are actually having these photos taken. 

I'm going to lay it to you straight. In the past two years, I've had three clients who have either had a loved one I photographed die unexpected, or had the photos planned because they knew their loved one only had a short time left to live. These family photos you have taken aren't just for your holiday cards to tell everyone that Sally just started preschool this year, and that Jimmy is in his 3rd year of baseball. These images are priceless. Having photos taken isn't just a 'thing', its an heirloom.  

When I went to Phoenix to visit my grandpa a few weeks ago, he gave me a disc with his family, and extended family photos on it. THIS is why we have photos taken. To keep memories alive in photographs. Photos are more than the perfectly styled family in front of a camera all simultaneously saying "CHEESE!".  These photos are about capturing precious moments between a father and his newborn son, a couple that is newly married and took a few minutes to just have some quiet space, an elderly couple who is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Having photos taken is an experience. Its not just an image. Years from now, people will be looking at these photos remembering when Jimmy was only 7, but now he's 32. 

Or maybe you're like me right now, taking in images of a loved one who passed not too long ago. Cherishing those photos, because that's all you have left of that person. 

Always take more photos, before its too late. Get in the photos before its too late. This life is finite. Remember that.