Oh, motherhood.

I've probably deleted and started over on this journal post 7 times. This quick little 30 second read, probably took me an hour to finish. more on productive time management, later

But, for what its worth, its to make sure this comes out right. 

Back in April, I gave a little 'talk' on me and my story. You can see that here.  Oh how I struggled with that speech. I remember one day during a networking call, one of the women served me up a fat dish of "get your head on straight" in regards to realizing the role my children play in my business. I didn't want to make it about my kids. But my business IS about my kids.

I am a mom. I will forever be an example to them. Whether its an example on behavior, or an example of being a business owner. Raising kids and teaching them to pee in the toilet is one thing, but being a TRUE, GENUINE example is another.  No, I am not perfect. I've made mistakes, and explained it to my children. I'm also, in all of those vulnerable moments, showing them what its like to be human.

I've just greased the wheels and started moving on a new 'project'.  I woke up Monday morning (sick with the flu) and texted my husband who was downstairs.  I told him about this 'project' that I wanted to start.  "Quit slacking and make shit happen" is my motto. When this project starts to roll on its own and I am 'making moves,' so to speak, I CANNOT WAIT to sit in that room and tell everyone I'm doing this for my kids.  Because hot damn....they're watching.  Man are they ever watching.