All cards on the table

Yesterday was what I refer to as, 'Donation Day' at work.  It was the day I catch up on a few contracts that need their donations know, the whole '20% goes to charity' thing.  It really does happen.  I wouldn't be a B Corp if it didn't. 

Anyway.  I had been sitting on those few contracts for a few weeks because (here it comes) money is tight.  I have a few more checks coming in over the next month or so, but knowing how tight money is right now in our house, I kept sitting on those donations for an emergency stash until things stabilized and I could finish up the donations. But guess what? I was reminded, yet again, about the way good things work. You put out good, good comes back. So what did I do?  I wrapped up all my donations, including the hefty ones from weddings. $678.50 was donated to various charities yesterday. I won't tell you how much is left in my account, but its enough to buy some Ramen noodles. 

This is life.  This is the reality.  I'm laying all my cards out on the table, showing myself all exposed, battered and bruised.  But ya know what?????  This is the nature of the beast called life.  It ebbs and flows.  And in those moments where you're in a valley trying to pull yourself up to that peak, you better keep giving out good because its what will come back.  Call it what you want: karma, sewing and reaping, etc.  What you put out, is what you get.  So yesterday, I cleaned off my desk and started with a clean work space.  I then opened my heart and my life to all the goodness that will unfold.  

And then today I cleaned out the aquarium that was 'gifted' to us.  I've never wanted to shower so bad in my life.  

All things fresh, new, and clean....ready for all the goodness that awaits.