Badass Cookies and Passion

Its day 3 of a 10 day challenge that I'm participating in.  Its a 10 challenge to a create a fierce and fabulous life.  We've gone through our strengths, our accomplishments, and today is talking about our values and our 'must haves'.  

One of the two most important values I listed was passion.  This is what I wrote:

"Passion. I am a very passionate person when it comes to what I do. I deal with a lot of 'heavy' stuff and my passion for the what outcome is (clients receive pictures of their mama who is dying of cancer, clients receive pictures of their sister who is dying from cancer, clients receive pictures of their dad who is dying from ALS.....etc), its what fuels me. Again, I try to surround myself with people who are equally passionate. Don't dull my fire. I'd rather your passion be like gasoline to my fire."

I submitted my comments about today's challenge and I just sat and looked at my comments.  While I've been through quite a bit in my 33 years of living, the one thing I can say with full conviction is that I now require friends to have passion.  I don't care if you're passionate about baking the shit outta some badass cookies.  You have passion.  You're great at gardening?  Have some gusto and be passionate!!!!  OWN IT!  

I had the conversation last night with another dear friend of mine about how even though I have accomplished some pretty crazy {good} things this year, I don't talk about it much because, to me, I need to keep myself grounded and humble.  You don't know how many times I've gone and met friends and they've said "Hows everything going?" And my response has been, "Its going" (trying not to be super excited about a recent accomplishment...'staying humble' in my mind).  And then with a puzzled look they say, "But you just did 'xyz' so THAT is huge!"  And they're right.  I'm learning that we have to be able to celebrate our own successes.  If not, it ends up being self deprecating (thanks Stacy).  

Its part of being passionate.  With passion, I need to grant myself permission to celebrate, to be proud, and to use that passion to fuel the next accomplishment.  

I'm granting myself permission today to be proud, and to celebrate.