Free Bird

I’ll never forget one day a while back where everything in my world felt like it was crumbling around me. I sat in my living room sobbing uncontrollably.  I leaned over my ottoman and just cried that excruciatingly painful cry that comes from the inner most depths of your soul.  I’ve only had a handful of times where I’ve cried like that.  Everything in my life had been attacked and I questioned my very existence and if it was even possible to come back from, what felt like, the 7th level of hell. 

Time to stand strong. 

Now that I look back at that moment, I wish I could say to myself what I know now. There is a woman in there that is SO strong, so determined, and SO unshakable.  She is on the verge of something so extraordinary and life changing.  Darling, keep your head up, even if you’re crying.  Show the world those tears, but show them how its possible to be vulnerable AND strong.  Brush yourself off and stand tall, sister, because what is about to happen is something you could never have planned or scripted. 

Spread your wings. 

Its time to be the person you never thought you could be.  Shed your shell you’ve been hiding in for all these years, and come out from behind the bushes and show yourself, in both your vulnerability and your strength.  Show them that even when you fail, it’s a sign you tried.  It means you had to guts to show up. 

Take flight.

It’s easy to go day to day while blending in.  It takes passion and dedication to step out and pave your own road. You are beyond capable of succeeding AND succeeding in your passion. You’ve learned how to live, not just not die.  Surrounding yourself with the excited, the inspired and the grateful has changed you in ways that are immeasurable.  Don’t be afraid of being outnumbered.  Eagles fly solo.  Pigeons stick together.  Time to unlock and take off the shackles and throw away the key.  You can’t fly with shackles on.