Its late (for me) on a Saturday night.  I flew in to Omaha early this morning for various reasons.  But yesterday, Friday May 13th, I had the most amazing opportunity to photograph the 20th Anniversary ALS Association's Gala at the Four Seasons hotel in Denver.  

I stumbled over how to write what I wanted to say without sounding like a bumbling fool (which is quite often.  See here ).  I'm still going to sound like a bumbling fool, but whatever.  You be you. 

I knew being part of last night would change my life, as so much of what has happened lately has.  

The amount of love in this world is stunning.  When you follow your heart, and do what you're intended to do, that love comes out, from the most unexpected places, like a bombarding ray of light.  You can't escape it.  You can't hide from it.  All you can do is wrap yourself in it.  Love is amazing.  This life is finite.  That love....its infinite.  It will carry on through your children, your family, your friends.  It is the one thing that will forever outlast you.  Objects turn to dust.  Our bodies go back to the earth.  But....our love.....its just, its just infinite.  

The love that was in the room last night, was nearly tangible.  It was like I could reach out and grab it, it was so thick.  When you get to wrap yourself in all that love, that's when magic starts to happen.  

My husband attended with me and assisted with the photography that night.  We sat down at one point and I looked at him and asked "Is it hard for you to be here?" His response?  "No. I am at home here."  Again. The love. That moment.....I could've reached out and grabbed it, held it.  

I've never felt such a strong pull at any moment in life, as I did yesterday.  It was like the universe had taken my hand and led me to that evening, in that room, with those families, and said "go."