I am one of four women who meet weekly, for a couple of hours each week. I refuse to mention the names of the others, as we have all promised to keep this a secret. Its like our own fight club.  First rule of fight club: you do not talk about fight club.  No new members, no talking about who is IN this group.  BUT.  These women are badass.   And someone thought I was badass too and asked me to join, so who am I to argue.  

Alright, carrying on.  

Today we met for about 90 minutes. Sometimes, in this group, we are not only helping mentor others, but we realize that we are helping ourselves, too. Its funny like that.  And today was one of those days: I may or may not have helped someone else, but I DID help myself.  The conversation/mentoring led to this point: If you have been trying and trying and trying to make something happen, and if its failing to happen over and over again, maybe its the universe guiding you elsewhere.  YOU need to get up and make something happen.  Quit making excuses.  

Quit complaining that doors keep closing.  Bust that shit open and make it happen. 

Did your road lead to a dead end?  Get out your shovel and dig a new road.  

Did that big 'thing' just completely blow up and fall through the cracks?  Pick up those pieces and instead of building from the instruction manual, build something outside the instructions....something new and maybe obscure.  

As Queen Bey said, "I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it."