Why B Corp?

"Why did you become a B Corp?"

I'll tell you why.  I became a B Corp to raise my own standards.  I knew I set myself apart from other businesses when I decided to donate 20% of my revenue to charity.  But to me that wasn't enough.  I wanted to keep pushing myself and continue to "be more" (more on that, LATER!).  Knowing that I have this amazing support of the B Corp community, knowing that all these big and small companies alike are all on the same page as me is more than a breath of fresh air, if you will....It is life changing.  Apparently the B Corp community is noticing me as well, as I am now on the Engagement Committee and will be joining others in leading town hall meetings among the Denver area community of B Corps.  

In two days I will be speaking at the B Corp Leadership Development Conference in Boulder, CO. The title of my speech? "B Mo{o}re"  I cannot wait to challenge my fellow B Corp community to raise the bar in the B Corp community, as we continue to challenge ourselves in being the change.