When Things Get REAL

Originally Posted 02/03/2016

Yesterday was a snow day here in Denver.  And on a snow day, I snuggle up and read a book while my kids ransack my house.  Literally, like feral kids, they ransack every crevice of the house.  Anyways. 
I got a phone call, around noon, from an unknown phone number so immediately my head goes to "You've won a free cruise to the Bahamas!!!" and I got annoyed.  I answered anyway.  Turns out I DIDN'T win a free cruise, but Chris Cain, the executive director for Staunton Community Creative Fund, wanted to chat about me being a B Corp.    
(See Staunton's website here: http://stauntoncreativecommunityfund.tumblr.com)

She proceeded to tell me all about who she is and what she does.  Staunton is a non-profit company that assists small businesses (like myself).  They are a micro lending organization dedicated to helping small business start and grow in the Shenandoah Valley area in Virginia.  They are also a HUGE supporter of B Corporations.  As we chatted, she mentioned she was writing a blog to be published today and she wanted to feature *yours truly*.  Being a sole proprietor, I do not fit the 'typical' mold of a B Corporation.  Big B Corps are Patagonia, Ben and Jerry's, New Belgium Brewing Company.  

And then there is me....Megan James.  But guess what?  It doesn't take a multi-million dollar company to make an impact.  It takes one person with dreams and drive.  I may not be the CEO of Patagonia, but I am someone who has more drive than I ever knew I was capable of having.   

OH.  And here's the blog she wrote.